Experience the luxury of custom, handcrafted furniture

We are very pleased that you have come to check us out. Forever Furniture is a very small custom woodworking shop located in the Midwest. We are your source for the finest quality furniture and humidors you will find anywhere. Custom is what we are all about. Each piece is individually designed and built by hand to your exact specifications, using the finest time-honored joinery techniques. The result is a stunning one-of-a kind heirloom quality piece of furniture or humidor that is as functional as it is beautiful.

At Forever Furniture, we never take short cuts or use mass production construction techniques. Each piece is predominately solid hardwood. We never use pocket screws, particle board, biscuit joints, or hot melt glues. Only real mortise & tenon joints, lap joints, and dovetails are used throughout the construction. We think this is exactly what you demand from a product designed to last generations.

Currently, we specialize in pieces for Home Theater use and custom humidors.

1. Our Home Theater line includes the following types of pieces:

  • Home theater TV stands for Plasma, LCD or rear projection TVs
  • Media cabinets for DVD and CD libraries
  • Equipment cabinets for home theater components and storage

Style, size and configuration are fully customizable. We provide free delivery of our furniture pieces within 150 miles of Goshen, Indiana. We regret that we can not ship these pieces.

2. Our custom humidor line is characterized by:

  • Front access doors, with a series of easy to access drawers
  • Air Channel air circulation system to insure even temperature and humidity throughout the enclosure
  • Superior hardwood case construction to eliminate warpage and insure the air seal integrity
  • For home or commercial use

Size and configuration are fully customizable. Custom display tables are also available to match the footprint of the humidor. Home humidors and display tables are fully shippable within the continental United States by UPS. Prices do not include shipping, but will be provided with all quotes. Local orders within 50 miles of Goshen Indiana will be hand delivered for $20.

Although we are a full custom shop, we regret that we have some restrictions with our woodworking equipment. We can not produce any piece greater than 30" deep, we also are not set up to do turnings for legs or trim. Neither are we set up to produce chairs or upholstered furniture.

Thank you for coming. Please feel free to browse our web site. If you are interested in any piece, we have provided an electronic form to request a no obligation quote. Simply click the "Quotes" link on the navigation bar. You will find that our prices are very reasonable, and priced comparable to most quality store brand manufacturers. Considering every piece is 100% custom hand made, and our construction quality superior to any store brand product, we offer a value that you will find nowhere else. Thanks for your consideration.